SCGA Saturday Net Team Play


The Soule Park Golf Club competes in Group 7 of the Saturday SCGA Team Play. Our Group includes the following courses:


  • Soule Park
  • Rustic Canyon
  • River Ridge
  • Sterling Hills


To learn more about SCGA Team Play, please follow this link to the SCGA website: SCGA Team Play


Each match includes 16 players from each golf course, and each course plays a home and home match against the other teams in the Group.


If you are interested in participating on our SCGA Net Team Play in 2021, please contact Keith Brown at:



The following is our schedule for the 2021 Season:



  Day of Week Date Home Team Away Team Start Time
Week 1 Thursday 3/4/20 Rustic Canyon River Ridge 9:00
  Saturday 3/6/20 Sterling Hills Soule Park 11:00
Week 2 Saturday 3/13/20 River Ridge Soule Park 9:30
  Saturday 3/13/20 Sterling Hills Rustic Canyon 10:00
Week 3 Thursday 3/18/20 Rustic Canyon Soule Park 9:00
  Saturday 3/20/20 River Ridge Sterling Hills 9:30
Week 4 Saturday 3/27/20 River Ridge Rustic Canyon 9:30
  Saturday 3/27/20 Soule Park Sterling Hills 8:30
Week 5 Thursday 4/1/20 Rustic Canyon Sterling Hills 9:00
  Saturday 4/3/20 Soule Park River Ridge 9:00
Week 6 Saturday 4/10/20 Sterling Hills River Ridge 9:00
  Saturday 4/10/20 Soule Park Rustic Canyon 9:00